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Savings are to be made by using these products

Money is to be made by using these products

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So how do I make money on the internet ???????

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I have written an e-book 

This will give you step by step guide to make your own website that makes you money

No experience needed as you will be guide every step along the way

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For only $907 per level course you will learn the secrets of the internet. If you have no idea about how it all works, If you have stumbled onto this page and don't know how you ended up here, we have the easy version. If you have a web site already and know a bit about how it all works then we have an intermediate version for you. From easy to intermediate is a crash course. If you can write html and type at a reasonable speed, understand how servers work and know a bit of Java then the advanced accelerated course is a must. Even if you can only spare a few hours a week to start off then that's fine. You will soon see the benefits. There is an intensive course from intermediate to advance. Crash course only $357 and intensive course $637

You will be able to email me with any questions you may have. Allocated time slots for skype and even mobile phone calls are included when taking any one of the courses mentioned above

people want things for free so I have come up with this

my 6 safe steps for success online

1. Become an Affiliate

This is the most convenient way to make money on the internet. As an affiliate you refer your audience to various company websites, and when a sale is made you earn a commission.

You are the middleman (or middlewoman) so you don't have to deal with customer service, taking orders, etc. The companies you become affiliated with provide you with a tracking link to use to link to their site. That's how they track how many sales you've generated.

Almost all affiliate programs are free to join. It usually involves filling out a sign-up form and within moments the company sends you the links you need to use on your site.

The key is to choose a subject you love (hobby, passion, topic, etc.) and build a content-rich, informative site or blog about it.

2. Sell Your Own Product (Hard Goods)

This is often the most common method people think of when it comes to making money online.

I do agree that it can be the most lucrative approach, since having your own product means you directly control how much profit you make.

However, there can be some headaches with this method. For example, you are in charge of everything. Selling your own product means you are responsible for customer service, collecting orders/payments (credit cards), developing and shipping the product, etc.

3. Sell Your Own Product (E-Goods)

An e-good (short for electronic good) is a digital product that can be easily transferred or downloaded via the Internet.

No need to worry about running out of inventory because the digital format rewards you with an unlimited supply of your product!

Lots of Netpreneurs sell e-goods because they are much easier to manage. You don't have to ship the products. Customers can either download the product immediately after ordering, or they can be sent via e-mail.

E-books are the most common type of digital good sold on the Internet. They are often created with software like Adobe Professional (PDF) and then uploaded to the Net with ease.

4. Start an eBay Auction

Who doesn't have excess stuff they need to get rid of? A lot of people make money on the internet by opening up an eBay auction site and selling things from their home.

With this method, no website is needed. All you need to do is sign up for an eBay account and go from there.

5. Sell a Service

Are you a writer? Web programmer? Consultant? Do you perform any sort of service? If so, you can sell your services right through Elance.com.

What's cool is that Elance facilitates the entire work process from hiring to collaboration to payment. In other words, they will connect you with people who need you!

6. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is where the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment information directly to wholesalers, who then ship the goods directly to the customer.

So let's say you want to sell handbags from a certain company. You would buy the products at the wholesale price, collect the money from your customs and the manufacturer then ships it to them.

Personally I prefer to become an affiliate, it is so easy to set it up and you get paid without the headaches.

It will take some of your time and a small outlay of money. Lets face it, if you were to start your own business selling good yourself, there is a large outlay of money. With the global crisis we see today, many people are turning to the internet to make extra money.

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